It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.

It’s Monday, first day of the working week. A brand new slate. A brand new page. You may have everything needed but without this you are not ready for any task. You can forget everything but do not forget to bring this with you : The love of Christ for you gives you second chances.Continue reading “It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.”

Would You Be My Number 2? (Dear Mr Right)

Dear Mr Right, It’s February and you are still out of sight, but, if ever you are within 3km radius from me, please meet me at the park at 7am. I have been single for quite sometime and I hope you are, too, in a decent period of time. During that time while you wereContinue reading “Would You Be My Number 2? (Dear Mr Right)”

To Please and Not to Impress (Becoming Me.)

________________ Having heard a feedback about this blogsite last year, I was determined to write a piece of writing worth – sharing, worthy for everyone to expose their names that they are reading, worthy of hitting the star – button, worthy of praising- comments. But, having that in mind, I found myself always hitting theContinue reading “To Please and Not to Impress (Becoming Me.)”

Thank U, Next. (Lessons From My Ex’s)

(First of Two Parts) __________________ When God said “Fear not for I am with you, Do not be dismayed for I am Your God, I am holding You with my victorious right hand” He is referring for us to be courageous, to be strong. Because there will be difficulties, we are living in a fallenContinue reading “Thank U, Next. (Lessons From My Ex’s)”

Someone First Believed In You

Recently, I talked to a friend who is fairly new at her workplace. She spent a decade in her first job and took a higher role on her second job in a new company. She relayed to me this exact line after I asked her how she is doing,” You know, I can fight whateverContinue reading “Someone First Believed In You”