God, If It Is Me Who Is Blocking¬† Your Gift (Then, Change My Heart)

I am back to this place of prayer and silence once again. I said my prayers and paused. I have almost the same prayers just like I had the last time I was here. I know He had heard my prayers uttered in the deepest portion of my heart. I know being my wonderful Creator,Continue reading “God, If It Is Me Who Is Blocking¬† Your Gift (Then, Change My Heart)”

It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.

It’s Monday, first day of the working week. A brand new slate. A brand new page. You may have everything needed but without this you are not ready for any task. You can forget everything but do not forget to bring this with you : The love of Christ for you gives you second chances.Continue reading “It’s Monday, May you bring this with you today.”

Be Someone Who Believes (He Believes In You)

Since the start of the year I have been living with a family with two children. The eldest, Anton, is my godson. Lately, I get to talk to him before I head to work and praying with him is how we end our conversation. (Sounds like we had a serious talk, right?) It has neverContinue reading “Be Someone Who Believes (He Believes In You)”

Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You.

It does not come naturally for some ladies to submit to a headship in a personal way specially for ladies who have learned for many years to look after and decide for themselves. It takes maturity and guidance of the Holy Spirit so as for a young wife to heed and follow what is saidContinue reading “Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You.”

There Is Life After Heartbreaks (Don’t Just Move-On, Rise From It, Sistha)

Ms Anonymous letter is my first letter from someone who is really anonymous to me. LOL. Yes, I know every single one in all my previous “Dear Sis B”. Dear Sis B, Why God seems to be unfair? What’s wrong with me? Ms Anonymous is like many of us, ladies, experiencing heartbreak upon heartbreaks. ButContinue reading “There Is Life After Heartbreaks (Don’t Just Move-On, Rise From It, Sistha)”