When The Future Looks Gloomy, Take One Day At A Time.

Day 89 of Lockdown

Who Are You (What Is Your Purpose)

It was the usual afternoon mood at the school, crowded at the canteen, warm but every corner was filled with students laughing as if there would be no more tomorrow, that kind of having the last laugh on earth. Then, it was my turn. I picked a paper and unrolled it. It says “Who AmContinue reading “Who Are You (What Is Your Purpose)”

If You Want to Have A Man Like Joseph, Have Faith Like Mary (Learning to Trust Again)

Photo Credit: The Nativity Story of Jesus Christ The other night while I stared at the image of nativity of Jesus Christ, my mind got lost on the smile of Mother Mary. It was not a LOL-LOL-LOL-smile neither a friendly smile for me. It was a smile more than of confidence. There is something inContinue reading “If You Want to Have A Man Like Joseph, Have Faith Like Mary (Learning to Trust Again)”

Grateful for Closures

Last year of this month, I witnessed the coffee shop near to my workplace closed down after 40 years in operation. As their way of expressing gratitude, the owner offered discounted food items on the last day and people pasted farewell sticky notes. Here in Singapore, the local coffee business is quite huge and eachContinue reading “Grateful for Closures”

Moving on as a family (from an almost family member.)

It is the first of 14 years that she is not anticipated to show – up. Although, that she did not join us in a yearly basis, at least we get to receive her message and we talked about her and receive her life’s updates around the table of dinner during family’s special occasions. OnContinue reading “Moving on as a family (from an almost family member.)”