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When The Future Looks Gloomy, Take One Day At A Time.

My May Life ( What The Virus Thought Me During Quarantine)

“Stop the Universe. I Want to Get Off.” (Random Thoughts When It’s January and Everything Looks Off)

What it means to guard your heart with all your heart (Yes your very heart)

God, If It Is Me Who Is Blocking In Receiving Your Gift (Then, Change My Heart)

The Love of God, the Father, Can Only Fill The Deepest Needs:16 June 2019

Loving His Ex.. Our Ex (Thoughts After My Parents Wedding Anniversary Dinner): 14 June 2019

Refiner’s Fire (The Heart the Lord Shapes) A Love Letter: 11 June 2019

Translating Beatitudes Into Praying and Single Life (Learning from Single Jesus): 11 June 2019

Second Chances. : 23 Feb 2019

What it Takes to be Mr Right (A Love Letter): 21 Feb 2019

It’s Monday. May you have this with today: 18 Feb 2019 .

Dear Mr Right, Would You Be My Number 2?: 12 Feb 2019

Sparks in the Tunnel (Lessons During My Life Deepest Challenges) :11 Feb 2019

To Please and Not to Impress (Becoming Me):09 Feb 2019

How to Reject A Nice Guy Nicely? (Dear Sis B) : 25 January 2019

Dear Very Single Heart (I counselled my heart and I felt joy.): 16 Jan 2019

When Bruises Are Visible to Your Eyes (Dear Sis B, He Hurts Me): 11 Jan 2019

When You Build A Relationship With God, He Will Not Miss to Make You Know And Appreciate Your Being: 06 Jan 2019

I Am Not Praying For A Spouse But to Find A New Grace This Year

You Will Be Chosen (Learning to Clap For the Winner):18 Dec 2018

Thank U, Next. (Lessons From My Ex’s):17 Dec 2018

Believe. (It Is Written In Your Palm): 15 Dec 2018

Shall I Date A Jobless Bachelor (Dear Sis B):14 Dec 2018

Unwrapping A God’s Gift (Lessons from Unwanted Travels):08 Dec 2018

Of Fine Foods and Love (A First Taste of Turkey): 08 Dec 2018

Preparing for the Messiah (Ten Suggestions for the Advent Season) : 02 Dec 2018

To “B” Found By Mr The One (My Concrete Steps of Becoming Bride – to – Be, Next to Praying)

I Map – Out My Five Year Life Plan (Liveloud Concert and Christ, The King, The Deliverer)

Thank You, Lord (Happy Thanksgiving Prayer)

When A Chapter Ends, There Is Something New (Life Will Continue)

Prayer of Mother Theresa: 20 Nov 2018

Someone First Believed In You: 19 Nov 2018

Dear Sis B, My Tips On Talk-Giving: 15 Nov 2018

A Just Man Who Will Not Bring You to Shame (He Who Protects Your Honor): 14 Nov 2018

My Prayers for Every Woman:1 3 Nov 2018

When Friendship Hurts (Be The Best Sister For Him, Let Go): 11 Nov 2018


I Offered Rosary For All Readers (Thank You)

Here are few of my reflections written from my own experience and love for the Lord:

When You Instantly Know That He Is Not That Into You (Reacting to Jimmy Blew A Chance With Nicole Story)

Two Months, Lord (Pushing for 2018 Goals)

Be Someone Who Believes (He Believes In You)

Lord, Lead Us Not.. to Scammers

Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You

Dear Father God (God Sends Signals)

Under His Headship (Please Bear With Her, Brother)

Hello, Nix. #exesbaggage (If You Like It, You Should’ve Put A Ring On It)

What’s With Pia? (Exes Baggage) Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away

My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry

#dearGod A JOURNAL Entry of 10 Years Ago (God Allows Re-routing)

There Is Life After Heartbreaks (Don’t Just Move – On. Rise from It!)

I Am Here for the Food (How Food Changed The Way I See Works of Evangelization)

Why We Need To Guard Our HeartsA Love Letter (No Woman Deserves To Be The Other Woman)

The Love Of A Woman (Our Tears Are Precious)

Not All Women Like Red Others Prefer Hues (How Other Women Show Their Interest)

When You Have No Other Choice But To Fight The Battle (The Princess Is Also A Lioness)

Why Our Friends Are Married And We Are Not… Yet (The Brightest Side of It)

Becoming A Mary In A World Plenty of Marthas (Then Watch The Coffee Intake Gets Lesser)

Thoughts On Long Night Shift Duty (Embracing A Restless Mind

There Is Life After Heartbreaks. Don’t Just Move On, Rise From It.

Every Friday, I reply to a “Dear Sis B” letter.

Sharing My Skin Care Routine (Dear Sis B) Feeling Beauty Guru🤷‍♀️

Dear Sis B, How to Stay Generous But Still Able to Save? #adulting

Dear Sis B, When To Give Up? (Finding The Desire of Your Heart Worthy of Good Fight)

Dear Sis B, How To Patiently Wait When You Really Want to Settle Down And Raise A Family?

A Catholic lady invited the non-Catholic man she has been seeing to hear mass with her for the first time.

Dear Sis, Going To Mass On A Date, How Should I Look? Part 3

Dear Sis B “Going To Mass For A Date, How Should I Look?” Part 2

Dear Sis B “Going to Mass On A Date, How Should I Look? “(Part 1)

A sister vented her frustrations.

“Dear Sis B, My Works Are Not Appreciated”

“Dear Sis B, I can’t seem to move-on.”

Dear Sister B, I Am Friend Zoned. (You Are Not Alone. LOL.)

Dear Sis B, As A Single Straight Lady, Why Do I Keep On Falling For Gays?

Dear Sis B, Why God Seems to be Unfair? #RespondingWithTearsDear Sis B, (May Deadline Ang Kilig?)Dear Sis B, A Family Member Is A Drug – Addict, What Would I Do?

A Brother Asked

Dear Bro, Faced With Many Options? Just Choose

Having the conviction to overcome a sinful habit? This might help.

Dear Sis, How To Overcome Favourite Sins

Here are more of my stories and reflections:

Folding His Bloodied Short Pants (My Last Act of Service to a Murdered Brother) :11 June 18

It Is This Season (My Ode For My Forgetful Mind)

Swimming Into Deep Waters (Things I Have Observed While I Was Serving) Part 1

Just Keep Walking

Coffee With A Tall, Dark and Handsome Straight Single (Miracles Do Happen). LOL.

Praying 100 Rosaries in 100 days

I Have Forgotten How It Is to Date (Bringing Your Giftedness In The Dating Arena)

Dear Lord, Encourage Me, Thy Servant

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Lonely Single Servant Goes Home (One Emo Starless Night In Singapore)

Sacredness is Brokenness (Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Let’s Continue to Reach – Out

Vengeance and Killings (Prayers for Loved – Ones of Crime Victims)Compassion Vs Punishment

Here are my prayers:

Opening HandsNot Only In Heaven, But, Also Here In The Land of the Living (Prayer for Singles)