Someone First Believed In You

The Cross at Church of Divine Mercy at Pasir Ris Street 72, Singapore

Recently, I talked to a friend who is fairly new at her workplace. She spent a decade in her first job and took a higher role on her second job in a new company. She relayed to me this exact line after I asked her how she is doing,” You know, I can fight whatever kind of work -stress. The enemy that is hard to fight is when self-confidence  is attacked which is so paralyzing.”

When self-doubt creeps-in and the wall of self-identity starts to disintegrate, pause and look -up. You’d find someone. Someone who first believed in  you and will continue to be your number one fan.
He will never create a waste out of you.

Dear Lord, 

It was You who first believed in me, that You even died for me. I offer to You every fruit of my hands and meditation of my heart. Help me to do my best according to Your righteousness and Your Holiness and only from You shall I wait for a great reward.


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