When The Future Looks Gloomy, Take One Day At A Time.

Day 89 of Lockdown

What it Takes to be Mr Right (A Love Letter)

I have been serving single people who love and honor the Lord for almost two decades now while, I, myself is a síngle person. I have heard and some witnessed stories of female single friends of how they fell in love and heard and witnessed, too, a lot of single people experienced the biggest heartbreakContinue reading “What it Takes to be Mr Right (A Love Letter)”

Would You Be My Number 2? (Dear Mr Right)

Dear Mr Right, It’s February and you are still out of sight, but, if ever you are within 3km radius from me, please meet me at the park at 7am. I have been single for quite sometime and I hope you are, too, in a decent period of time. During that time while you wereContinue reading “Would You Be My Number 2? (Dear Mr Right)”

When A Chapter Ends, There Is Something New (Life Will Continue)

Five months ago, I visited my housemate at the hospital a day after she delivered her second child, together with her 5-year old son. Wanting to hold the boy as his father had many things in his hands, I alighted at the wrong side of the road. But to my horror, I saw a carContinue reading “When A Chapter Ends, There Is Something New (Life Will Continue)”

My Prayers for Every Woman Today

1. May you find someone worth keeping and may you find that someone keeping you back. 2. May your eyes be opened to the truth and believe that truth will set you free. 3. May you find someone who recognises your light and takes care of your scar. 4. May you find true friends whoContinue reading “My Prayers for Every Woman Today”