Yes? or Yes!.. Keep that “Yes” to The End

This year my goal is to say “Yes” to many things. It’s already half of the year and  things that I’ve said “YES” to are going back to school, service in Singles for Christ as CPR co-leads, changing work schedule with a workmate out of a big favour for her, changing housemates, going – outContinue reading “Yes? or Yes!.. Keep that “Yes” to The End”

The Challenge (Love Them)

Long before this  happened,  I have already been serving the community for 15 years. After we buried my brother, I found myself, questioning my every motive and reasons to serve. Unfortunately, there were people in the community who applauded the President’s move and sadly, there were friends who even posted “approval” during his wake. IContinue reading “The Challenge (Love Them)”

A “Looking” Heart Like Mary’s

In the gospel today, Mary and Joseph looked for Jesus and they found Him at the temple which Jesus called as the house of His Father. They looked for him with anxiety as he was missing. Two iconic people took their lives in two consecutive nights, Ms Kate and  Mr Anthony are people whom IContinue reading “A “Looking” Heart Like Mary’s”