The Challenge (Love Them)

cameff_15289381608358689758965909332806.pngLong before this  happened,  I have already been serving the community for 15 years. After we buried my brother, I found myself, questioning my every motive and reasons to serve. Unfortunately, there were people in the community who applauded the President’s move and sadly, there were friends who even posted “approval” during his wake. I don’t know who President Duterte was before he became a president. I was born and raised in Manila and I’ve only heard about Davao during late 1990’s, that life there was pretty cheap. That is, PhP12k is the cost for a life of a person. That is less than US$400. I don’t know him personally but I know few people and even a closed friend who continued to post her pro-killing views on approval during his wake. And those people are closed to me, whom I have served at one point in my life were the ones who broke my already pierced heart. I was terribly in pain. I had experienced giving myself a shot of IV pain-killer after surgery because the anesthesia has already been depleted, it was painful but the pain of persecution by people whom you called “friends” were even more painful.

My sorrow turned into anger while questioning ” Where did all the homilies go? “Did they receive Christ in their hearts? Or all those stayed in their minds only and never penetrated their heart? Let’s say that they as Catholics want change ? Jesus brought change to the world and he is in fact regarded as greatest influencer for centuries but he went to the cross and died Himself. He did not have anyone killed. On the contrary, the change President Duterte is bringing to the land promotes war and is bloody. There is so much killing! He is imposing killing and even to the bloodiest war. And they are approving?”

What could they be thinking?

As I mourned, I realized that at this season, I will continue to serve because I know that is the purpose of the Lord for me, to spread his love. This service is not for them so they will be pleased, it is neither for me, but this is for the Lord, the source and reason for my service, that is my offer to the altar. I remained silent towards them but not to my cause. I prayed that the Lord increase my compassion and my love for Him be stronger.

Dear Father in Heaven,

I know You can see everything and You are the Divine Justice. Please have mercy on us. Please hear my prayers that the reign of violence will be over if not today, tomorrow or very soon.

Please protect your people whose only refuge is You. You are my strongest shield.

If You are with me, my family, my church, then, who can be against me, my family, my church.

Mother Mary, please intercede for us.






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