The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

img_20180705_094214_3972450920587560243797.jpgI was once again at this place last night.

One thing I observed the parking lot of Cathedral of Good Shepherd these nights has become like a show room of luxurious cars. Now before I share my caption, let me explain that Singapore imposes a “levy” called certificate of entitlement. Anyone who wishes to register a new vehicle in Singapore must first obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), in the appropriate vehicle category. A COE represents a right to vehicle ownership and use of the limited road space for 10 years. (LTA website). This COE can, sometimes, be as much as the cost of another car being bought.

During these nights, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd has been running RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), a program to becoming a Catholic which may last to a year.

I was not amazed of the cars itself as Singapore is known to be a nation of about 8% millionaires and secures Top 9 among world’s highest average wealth of adult. But, what truly moved me to think that owners of these luxurious cars are inside the church in their quest to know more about life and God or may be serving the RCIA participants.

That thought only affirms me three things: 1. Wealthiest men are drawn to God. 2. Wealthiest men remain wealthy because they seek God. 3. Wealthiest men find purpose in God.

Boy, that brought deep peace in me!

God, the Good Shepherd, directs our ways. In Him we shall not want. He will make us lie down in green pasteurs. He will lead us to still waters. And it is evident in the parking lot of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd during this season.


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