Why Our Friends Are Married And We Are Not… Yet (The Brightest Side of It)


Trust me when I say “I’ve been through all weddings of my friends” Note that I didn’t use “to” but “through”. Through, because I had experienced the season of doubt and fear of losing their friendship because they will have their own lives and I would be left with my lonesome self to the season of owning collection of bridesmaid gowns. (No joke. I have.) I went through the self – investigation “If I am so wonderful, why am I still single?” and later on realized that only a crazy guy would love to be married to me to changing my prayer as “Lord, make that best guy crazy in love over me. Would you? Please.”

In short, I have accepted the fact that I’m single and I have to make the best out of this loooooong and extended season.

The previous day I slept over again in my married friend’s house. They have bought new things for their new house. I can’t be prouder of how my fríend and her spouse had become more decisive and progressive over their young years of marriage. As an outside spectator, I can see how they have grown not only in size (please watch your diet, married friends!) but also sensed how they achieved more in recent years as committed married couple. I am sure of my claim now. Commitment brings blessings. (No to friends with benefits relationship!)

As I spent another day with them, I get to reflect the best things I have experienced whenever I am with them.

1. My friendship to my single friend then has multipled. Now I have a friend-brother in his husband who happens to be good steward financially. I have been asking him (since he has years of experience of running one) about business as I want to have my own in a year or two.

2. Her kid is now my goddaughter. Recently, I’ve been pondering the gift of that role of being a godmother. If I have to spread the good news to strangers what more to this little adorable creature? What a result it would be in the future? Sometimes, I think it like passing on the light of Christ to the next generation whenever I get to be with one.

3. Enjoying their facilities.
After my brother’s passing and during my grieving, I found myself sleeping in their house. There was a time that I slept on the mattress while the couple was on the bed and they were still only months married. I didn’t care whether they want to spend the night intimately but I just don’t want to be alone. 🙂 I also burned their Netflix while both of them slept soundly. I still did the previous night but now I have my own extra bed. Is this abuse? 🙂

My friends have gotten married while I remain single but I found a home in my single friend then.

So, sometimes the Lord allows single life while all your friends get married so when you feel alone, you will find a family in them.

My next “request” to them and my mission to myself is to make my goddaughter to be my flower girl in my wedding. Or maybe a bridesmaid.

I prefer the former.

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