#dearGod A JOURNAL Entry of 10 Years Ago (God Allows Re-routing)

This blogsite will neve be without my journals. I have never claimed to be a writer but I am only a journaler. I have been keeping journals since I guess the day I learned how to write and capture emotions that I can’t express and things I wish to treasure in my memories.

Journaling started as I remember having all the reasons and thoughts in my heart as young as grade school student but I am not allowed to speak-up. My father who did not allow us to “talk-back” even when I felt that my intention was not to disrespect but to express inspired me to resort to keeping journals instead.

So long before Facebook came to be, I have long been documenting what captures my spirit, whether good or bad, whether sensible or not.

I reserved this day so I can share an entry written exactly 10 years ago. Here’s to start our week, a week of journey in earthly life toward heaven.

20 Oct 2009

Dear Father in Heaven,

Last Friday afternoon, from Kranji, I took Bus160. Although I was unsure whether it was the right route, I still hopped – in. I went back to Jurong East and made me wait for one more hour.

While inside the bus, I’ve just heard “Enjoy the trip.” within me. So, instead of mumbling thoughts of my stupidity, I begun talking to You and You spoke back to me.

You spoke to me of how harsh and hard I have been to myself lately, of how I allowed myself to be taken for granted by others and of how I not cautious of my gift of presence.

Father, You let me know that there are necessary and unnecessary wounds. Father, at Jurong East where the starting point of Bus 160 going to Woodlands Immigration, I heard You in my heart, “From here, travel and start again.”

Nearing my Woodlands Checkpoint, “Re-routing you is the only way I could talk to you.” When I heard that, I got teary eyed and pretended to be sleeping inside the bus.

Thank You for your amazing love. You always want me to be in Your path.

I love You, Lord.

PS1. I thank you Lord for the Singapore!
PS2. I dreamt of Garry (not his real name). In my dream, I was angry at him.
PS3. I dreamt that I was going to U.S.


The Lord allows re-routing.

This is not to delay us but He allows it to let us know that in your business, He is with us guiding us and cheering us on.
If you find yourself going back to starting point where you invested a lot of effort to avoid, seek the Lord. Most probably He has something to tell you that you will be needing in your journey. And this is His best way to make you stop to catch our attention.

(Thats’ the end of that entry. Nine days after this was written, another entry about Garry where I clearly and visually wrote that I was mad and crying. That dream happened in real life, I will share soon.)

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Thank you. Be blessed.

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