Bible and Me (Compassion of Jesus)

Thinking that two years had already gone by, I revisted an album of photos of our house, of how it looked after that night of July. It was a wrong move. A move that will shake again the peace that I and family have been picking up and putting back together in place. It broughtContinue reading “Bible and Me (Compassion of Jesus)”

Vengeance and Killings (Prayers for Loved – Ones of Crime Victims)

As one of those whose loved-ones are victims of killings, this verse is the most difficult to bear. One time, I commented in CNN Philippines platform at Facebook. I got bashed and Facebook was sending me notifications until late in the hours of the morning of rude and sarcasm remarks. I commented to a newsContinue reading “Vengeance and Killings (Prayers for Loved – Ones of Crime Victims)”