Lord, Lead Us Not To….Scammers

  As someone who has been praying for a lifetime partner, I have experienced occasions of scam in the past and knowing friends who experienced the same. Sadly, but, in the real world there are people who take advantage insincerely and ruthlessly evil of that holy desire of finding a spouse and raising a family.Continue reading “Lord, Lead Us Not To….Scammers”

There Is Life After Heartbreaks (Don’t Just Move-On, Rise From It, Sistha)

Ms Anonymous letter is my first letter from someone who is really anonymous to me. LOL. Yes, I know every single one in all my previous “Dear Sis B”. Dear Sis B, Why God seems to be unfair? What’s wrong with me? Ms Anonymous is like many of us, ladies, experiencing heartbreak upon heartbreaks. ButContinue reading “There Is Life After Heartbreaks (Don’t Just Move-On, Rise From It, Sistha)”

“Dear Sis B, I can’t seem to move-on.”

Dear Sister, May the peace of Christ be with you. Know that the Lord does not waste any of our pains including our pains over our heartbreaks. When Your Heart Betrays You From Letting Go, Surrender Your Feelings To The One Who Owns Your Heart – You. Most of the single ladies I know whoContinue reading ““Dear Sis B, I can’t seem to move-on.””