Shall I Date A Jobless Bachelor? (Dear Sis B)

Dear Sis B,Shall I Date A Jobless Bachelor? _________________ Dear Sister, May the peace of Christ be with you. The fact that you are asking me this question tells me that you have second thoughts of seeing or spending time with this guy and financial means is something essential to you. I take your concernContinue reading “Shall I Date A Jobless Bachelor? (Dear Sis B)”

Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You.

It does not come naturally for some ladies to submit to a headship in a personal way specially for ladies who have learned for many years to look after and decide for themselves. It takes maturity and guidance of the Holy Spirit so as for a young wife to heed and follow what is saidContinue reading “Gentleness. Girl, It Looks Sassy On You.”