Sharing My Skin Care Routine (Dear Sis B) Feeling Beauty Guru

Dear Sis, What are your skin care routines? Thanks, Sister ———————– Today, I would like to share my passion of taking care of my skin and my joy each time I find a great beauty product. What I mean by a great beauty product is that it delivers its claims at a reasonable price. (IContinue reading “Sharing My Skin Care Routine (Dear Sis B) Feeling Beauty Guru”

My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry

(Leading Prayer Group Meetings) It was at that time when I said “Yes” to be a group prayer head in a Catholic charismatic community for singles. This Catholic charismatic community has small units of prayer group. This prayer group is called “Household” which is normally consists of 4-5 single ladies, so, that makes me aContinue reading “My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry”

Dear Sis B, A Family Member Is A Drug – Addict, What Would I Do?

That drug-addict is one of these: drug-addicted brother, drug-addicted father, drug-addicted cousin, drug-addicted sister, drug-addicted neighbour, drug-addicted uncle, drug-addicted classmate, drug-addicted childhood friend and the list of drug-addicts who are part of the family and community goes on. In short, drug-addiction is just part of a fact. The relationship that you have with this drug-addict completes that fact. For your case, he is your drug-addicted father.

Let us refrain from detaching ourselves to them by calling them plain drug-addicts.

Every one should remember that ever addict didn’t come out to this earth alone. The drug-addict has a relationship. Let us always remember our relationship with them. Without remembering that relationship, we will tend to be harsh, violent and unjust to them. 

Lonely Single Servant Goes Home (One Emo Starless Night In Singapore)

It’s way past 12am and I’m still walking going home. I came from a service meeting to lead a retreat. This retreat aims to build relationship, Christian relationships. I am tired and in few hours I will be going to an early work and my mind started to think about my breakfast and lunch thatContinue reading “Lonely Single Servant Goes Home (One Emo Starless Night In Singapore)”

Not Only In Heaven, But, Also Here In The Land of the Living (Prayer for Singles)

I believe that I should see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13 Through the years of 1-to-1 heart talks with single people, I’ve come to realise that the most powerful talk or words a person who wants to change and experience a breakthrough should hear is self-talk. SelfContinue reading “Not Only In Heaven, But, Also Here In The Land of the Living (Prayer for Singles)”