Under His Headship #kleenixplease (Please Bear With Her, Bro.)

Today’s first reading (Ephesians 5:21-23) reminded me on one of the roles of a wife, that is to submit to her husband. While I can only guess for the role of a wife, because of this God’s design, a woman who desires to be married and raise a family should learn the holy role ofContinue reading “Under His Headship #kleenixplease (Please Bear With Her, Bro.)”

Lord, Lead Us Not To….Scammers

  As someone who has been praying for a lifetime partner, I have experienced occasions of scam in the past and knowing friends who experienced the same. Sadly, but, in the real world there are people who take advantage insincerely and ruthlessly evil of that holy desire of finding a spouse and raising a family.Continue reading “Lord, Lead Us Not To….Scammers”

My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry

(Leading Prayer Group Meetings) It was at that time when I said “Yes” to be a group prayer head in a Catholic charismatic community for singles. This Catholic charismatic community has small units of prayer group. This prayer group is called “Household” which is normally consists of 4-5 single ladies, so, that makes me aContinue reading “My Most Fulfilling Moment #Ministry”

What’s With Pía of Movie Exes Baggage? (Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away)

Pia is the lead character in the movie “Exes Baggage”. Although successful in career, her romantic relationships are not despite her seemingly unending sacrifices. There is something wrong with Pía. She needs a saviour who can save her from her own destructive thoughts about herself. Pia has to be told of who she really is.Continue reading “What’s With Pía of Movie Exes Baggage? (Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away)”

Dear Sis, Going To Mass On A Date, How Should I Look? Part 3

Dear Sister, May the peace of Christ be with you. Since you have been seeing this man, I trust that you found essentials qualities in this man worthy to be considered for marriage. How should we look at the outside should be as good as how we look in the inside. We are going toContinue reading “Dear Sis, Going To Mass On A Date, How Should I Look? Part 3”