Believe. (It Is Written In Your Palm)

While I wait for my rescheduled flight (I’m so used to these kind of changes every Christmas flight that I forgot how to complain and just now, I smiled and teasingly told the neatly hair-tied airline staff, “Don’t I get to have at least a free burger for this?”) I remembered one new year’s eve,Continue reading “Believe. (It Is Written In Your Palm)”

Dear Father God #journal (God Sends Signs)

A sister asked me about discernment. I thought instead of writing a “Dear Sis B” to her about discernment, I will post another journal entry. I wrote this entry when all doors that I attempted to open seem to closing on me. After writing this, there was a clear direction to be still and regardContinue reading “Dear Father God #journal (God Sends Signs)”

What’s With Pía of Movie Exes Baggage? (Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away)

Pia is the lead character in the movie “Exes Baggage”. Although successful in career, her romantic relationships are not despite her seemingly unending sacrifices. There is something wrong with Pía. She needs a saviour who can save her from her own destructive thoughts about herself. Pia has to be told of who she really is.Continue reading “What’s With Pía of Movie Exes Baggage? (Girl, Don’t Give Your Pearls Away)”

Of Saturday Morning and Love Prayer

Dear God, my Lord, Thank You for the past week, for the things I’ve done and still are in progress. I look at that past week with gratitude knowing that everything done in love is done well and I can rest my mind in peace knowing I did everything in love, with love and forContinue reading “Of Saturday Morning and Love Prayer”