Refiner’s Fire (The Whitest Crucible At Highest Temperature)

The higher the temperature, the whiter the crucible gets. As I sniffed my freshly sterilized laboratory gown, I knew I was up for another tiring day of chemical analysis. I don it and headed down to that big silent room of chemicals and equipment of where only running water and occasional ringing of the phoneContinue reading “Refiner’s Fire (The Whitest Crucible At Highest Temperature)”

I Am Not Praying for A Spouse But to Find A New Grace This Year

Report says that only 2% of the entire population of the wholewide world has the chance to keep their childhood friends until they reach their death beds. I am one of that 2%. And that is one of my greatest blessings. I lost Grace, my friend since the time I can not read nor write,Continue reading “I Am Not Praying for A Spouse But to Find A New Grace This Year”

We Still Have Two Months, Lord (Pushing for 2018 Goals)

“But bless the Lord Christ in your hearts, Always have an answer ready when you are called upon to account for your hope, but give it simply and with respect.” 1 Peter 3:15 Hello, November. My 2018 plans is posted in my study area, an area located at the foot-side of my bed. So, everyContinue reading “We Still Have Two Months, Lord (Pushing for 2018 Goals)”

Bible and Me (Compassion of Jesus)

Thinking that two years had already gone by, I revisted an album of photos of our house, of how it looked after that night of July. It was a wrong move. A move that will shake again the peace that I and family have been picking up and putting back together in place. It broughtContinue reading “Bible and Me (Compassion of Jesus)”

Opening Hands

This is a prayer shared by Father Pat Fitzpatrick C.S.Sp in his homily on 30 October 2018 at Daily TV Mass. Before anyone can move forward from injustice, injury, failure, loss, rejection; acceptance is needed. Finding it difficult to accept things? Reflect and pray this. I see, Lord, in my tight hands the representation ofContinue reading “Opening Hands”