When The Future Looks Gloomy, Take One Day At A Time.

Almost a hundred days ago, I went to my hometown to visit my parents and planned to stay for a two weeks. I’ve been away from home for quite a while that two years ago I decided this 2020, I will be spending a good amount of time with my parents. Two weeks was what I originally planned.

But, five days after I alighted from the plane World Health Organization declared “pandemic” and the whole town went to be in quarantine. What originally planned as 14 days went to be longer. Today is my 89th day in my hometown.

I used up a portion of what I saved for this vacation but comfortably I still have enough and will still get by decently and happily. Not to mention I am in the room for free.

With the pandemic on, I am not sure when I can fly out again without the hassles of getting quarantined to my next destination, so, the other night I decided to stay longer… maybe half year to a year.

I started to look over opportunities after I assessed my heart that I am happy to be spending time with my folks. They have aged so much and I am just happy that I did their groceries, buying meds throughout this period of health crisis.

While, I looked out last night and thinking what’s in store for me in my hometown, I could not see a sun-shiny days ahead of me. But, the cry to stay with my parents are getting loud that I could see it in my smile and hear it in my laughter every time I have meal with them.

And while looking out far from today, and the vision isn’t so promising, I told myself I will just look forward to tomorrow. One day at a time on this time of uncertainty.

Thank you for reading. See you all tomorrow for the next journal entry.

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