There Is Light At The End of The Tunnel

Here’s to last working Friday of the year 2019.

The 46km-travel from Tampines to Tuas from Monday to Friday allowed me to sleep, to message loved ones, to read and to pray or sometimes just to enjoy how beautiful the tress along the way, how beautiful Singapore is.

In that 46 km travel, my most favorite part is when the bus has to go through the tunnel of AYE. Although there are lights, that tunnel is generally dark and vehicles travel quite fast as if saying no one wants to be travelling through the tunnel, rushing to be at the main road again. But right after the travel through the tunnel, I will be ushered to the sight, at my left side the sea and ships manifesting the large busines of importation in Singapore and at my right side is the view of Marina Bay Sands and Singapore flyer. It is this part that I am reminded that like in life, sometimes there is no other options but to travel through a dark tunnel, but if we travel even with a dim light and without stopping, we shall reach the end of the tunnel where light is awaiting gloriously for us.

Keep a steady pace. Keep walking. Destination is waiting for your arrival.