The Love of God, the Father, Only Can Fill The Deepest Needs

I looked at the mirror today and found the person looking back at me, smiling. She has been at peace these days that brings her joy to the many new things happening her life. Future looks bright to her eyes. And this person went through the hardest of times over the past 5 years of her life. Sickness, loss, joblessness, heartbreak happened to her.

But, there is smile in her eyes today.

She looked back and all she remembers is the love of the Father to her. A love that is true, faithful and enough.

The love of the Father understands what we are going through. He is bigger than our insecurities, our doubts and fear. As He is much bigger than those, He can not only listen and but also answer those.

During those nights before my surgery, I did question Him but I only surrendered to His love. It is because I know and sure that I would find no wonderful love just like as His. That wonderful love of the Father filled me to endure the deepest pain of losing a body part and that same wonderful love filled me to restore that sick body.

The love of the Father comforts us. His love provides the inner strength of the mind that is needed at that very moment.

I thought not only air would leave my lungs but also my spirit as well when I reached the place of his death. I thought I would die there. But the grace to call the Father’s name was there and it comforted me as I sobbed “My God, my God please help us. (Dyos ko. Dyos ko tulungan Nyo kami.)”, while I brought to my chest the bloodied short pants of my dead older brother.
Just calling out His name at that very instant brought comfort, endurance and direction to take the first steps to getting back pieces of life to whole and working, with parents and the rest of the family.

The love of the Father provides the people that are best for us in a timely fashion. Time is a tool of the love of the Father.

I was told that I got the job of the same company that rejected my application during the last round of job interview of three years ago. I later found that person who rejected my application was transferred to a new job task and there was new person to consider my application. How the love of the Father orchestrates things to happen for our own good at His timing!

The love of the Father is the only love that can fill my deepest needs. I don’t have to search it anywhere, anyone and anything to have my my deepest needs met, it is in His heart that is always accessible to us and for us.

The love of the Father is the reason why there is smile at that person looking back at me at the mirror.. today and through all times.


May you be filled with His perfect love today.

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