Translating Beatitudes Into Praying and Dating Life (Learning from Single Jesus)

Yesterday, the gospel was about The Beatitudes spoken by Jesus Himself. The Beatitudes has gripped my heart in many ways and in many years that caused me to stop, capture my heart and caused me to change, simply because to me, it means sacrifices and dying to oneself.

As I encountered The Beautitudes yesterday, again, I asked the Holy Spirit to place it in my single, searching and (hopefully soon) dating life. This morning, while cooking for lunch of my niece, the beautiful word went to heart as the aroma of my simple dish comes to life. Here are my reflections out from my own experiences and learnings:

1. A trusting heart is a patient heart.
So, develop faith to learn to trust and trust results to patience. And patience is a fertile soil for a loving relationship.
2. Gentle words come from a gentle spirit and a gentle spirit does not control but leads.
I am smiling while a write this, while I remember all men who are gentle and lead. Gentleness leads but wickedness confuses.
3. A non-assuming heart is a humble heart. When sisters don’t give – in to the lure to create presumptions, they are looking more to the idea that they are respected and is not adored. Unless, words have been spoken amd actions confirmed the words, that something lasting and concrete is going on.
4. Blessed are those with a pure heart, they are not manipulated and driven with emotions only but of wisdom and commitment.
5. Blessed are those with a pure heart, they are not jealous and bitter.
(Jealous and bitter, then pray for a pure heart.)
6. Blessed are the merciful for they will find more admirers.
7. Blessed are those who work for peace, they will find themselves someone worth fighting for.
8. Blessed are those who seek and hunger for justice, they are the dating people who have purpose for marriage and family life.
9. Blessed are those who remain pure in body and spirit until they have said their vows in marriage for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Let’s fight for that first night, sisters. Let’s remain pure through prayers and service. The Lord who is the first man in the aisle deserves our purity. )
10. Blessed are those who seek marriage according to God’s plan for theirs is a happy, lasting and fruitful life of marriage.

I pray that you also apply The Beautitudes into your dating life and let us learn from the single Jesus.

Love and Beauty,


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