A Love Letter

Dear Young Lady,
I have to take it here because I know you will get to read this. And I know that you will know that this is for you.

I want to let you know that we are here for you. You never were and never will be alone because we have always been here for you.

I am writing to make you remember your great dreams and all your achievements you have worked hard all through these years. Please do not give – up on those. Those dreams are counting on you to be fulfilled by you, because no other person in this world was created to fulfill those but only you.

Lies might be bombarding your young mind these days but take heart. One day, truth will be with us and that truth will be vindicated through justice. Just keep doing what you do best – that is to study and persevere and soon you will reap the fruit of your hardwork.

And if lies are just too hard to bear and words are not coming out from your lips, remember what you have been told before, the Man at the Cross inside the church, He can hear you even if you do not speak. You can always talk to Him and He will help you clear you thoughts, to gather your courage and restore your joy. He will guide you fulfill your dreams, after all, it is Him who placed those dreams in your heart.

You are in our prayers. Stay with good influence, kids who encourage and inspire you to keep doing your best with honesty.

That last name is built upon hardwork, integrity, honesty, music, simplicity and faith by our forefathers. No event, no name-calling can rob – off those virtues from that last name. We shall carry our shared last name with holy pride, with the mercy of a good God.

You know that you are loved and let me remind you with that again – we love you.

Laban lang tayo. (Let’s keep on fighting.)


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