To “B” Found By Mr The One (My Concrete Steps to Becoming Bride-to-Be, Next to Praying)

As mentioned in my previous blog,  I mapped – out a five-year life plan last Saturday.

I Mapped – Out A Five Year Life (Christ, The Deliverer and Liveloud Concert)

I dared to plan after a year of praying and thinking. One of those big goals is to be married. Here’s a truth. For years,I kept on praying and waiting  but I kept myself busy or focused to other things.In short, I didn’t plan for it. A goal without a plan is just a wish. But a goal with a plan is an invitation to faith.

The Reason of My Planning

One time a sister (I think you know by now, that when I say “sister” I am referring to a female friend) told me that she would only believe that the Lord answer prayers if I would be married. She added that she has been aware that I have been praying for a spouse with 100 rosaries. My wide jaw dropped when I heard that and was the only response I gave to her. I am not sure whether to be happy or sorry for the Lord, that because of my singleness, someone faith is at stake.

I Gave A Hard Thought About It

I am planning and taking actions not to save the Lord’s name. (Who am I to do that? Well, I am just a creature from ashes and He is the Creator!) Neither, help Him find my Mr The One, nor to encourage the sister to pray as well and have faith. But, I am planning and taking definite actions because I really want to meet him and to be finally help each other to build the Kingdom of God here on earth and reach life eternal with the Lord when we passed-on from this world. (Yes, that’s the vision, Mr The One… Out-There.)

Mapping – Out The Way (Not To His Heart, Yet) But to Make Him Look At My Direction

(Self – Conversation)

I talked to myself. This was how it went.

“I am not looking and finding him. He must find me, meaning he is searching for a spouse, too. That is clear to me. I’m so exposed with bachelors who are kind, sweet, praying, loving and almost perfect but consider me as a sibling and even an older sister. 😊

So, the objective for now is to be connected to someone who sees me as a friend/sister but would love to make babies with me.

(Please excuse my term young girls.)

I need to write that clearly and not approach the goal with one big picture of marrying Mr The One. This is war. This is science. Let’s employ the skills of science and project management.”

The Good Shepherd (Two Sheeps Will Become One and There Will Be One Shepherd)

On that piece of big paper, I wrote Psalm 23 first. Psalm 23 is for my entire 5-year life plan.

I identified all sources of them – church, work, online, events and referrals. Then, I enrolled in a course for dating so I will be guided and paid a subscription for membership in an online Catholic dating site.

As I opened a subscription, I said a prayer of trust and joy. I updated my photo and re-wrote my profile with few facts that sound to be interesting to my ears and hopefully, to searching guys, too.

I messaged to members who sent a “thumbs -up” to my photos and wrote according to what I have learned from an article about etiquette on online messaging. I basically thanked them for “liking” my photos and wrote something on their profile. That act of reading profiles with full attention that there are a lot of men who love the Lord through their interests and are good-looking!

Please pray for me. I will share next time who wrote back to me.

Until the God – ordained next time.


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