I’m Here for the Food (How Food Changed the Way I See Works of Evangelization)

It was almost one and quarter in the afternoon when I alighted from the bus. I had only 15 minutes left for supposed start time of Christian Life Program (CLP). CLP is a 13-week program that is the work of evangelization of the Catholic community that I belong. Considering that I somehow was part of the organizers, I was running late. As I rushed towards the Blessed Sacrament Church, the two men before me who were walking and talking like they were in the park caused me so much of struggle because they were blocking my way. My two eyebrows met and I looked intently at their behind with the purpose in mind to really say, “Excuse me.” You see in this part of the world, people say “Sorry” when they want to get ahead of the way. But when I was about to say it I heard the other man said, “No. Let’s attend here first. We will be able to save at least five dollars for the dinner and drinks while people around smiling.”

“Wait a sec. Hold your horses, Benia.”

I said “Sorry” from their behind and went ahead of them. I got a feeling our program will have at least 2 participants and I was guessing they are now in front of me.

And I was not wrong. I saw the two of them in the program, not just at that session but they completed the 13 sessions.


Eyebrows is not life. Food is. And so is the word of God.

Hearing those two guys that they were attending because of food was a big surprise for me at that time. This is overseas, people here have money, they can buy food out from their pocket. But I was wrong.

So if these guys have money to buy foods they came here for yummy foods?

I really wanted to deny that observation, that people came for yummy free foods. However, as I looked into myself and occasions that I was seeing, my observation was true on how fellow servants acted. When leaders are known to be cooking great foods, the more the service team is big!

This did not apply not just on them, there was a time that I really wanted to stay at home and do my own household chores but when I remembered how our leader’s cook prepared the dishes that made me jumped out of my bed and head down to my leaders’ house. Sounds cheap, right?

Is this really happening to me? I asked myself one time if my intention to attend a prayer meeting is pure because I was thinking of the food.

But then again, as I looked into myself that in all those prayer meetings, what truly changed my heart was the word of the Lord who spoke to me and being served with delicious foods was a big bonus. It was like attending the prayer meeting is receiving a piece of plain bread and the Lord of host applied strawberry jam on to that piece of bread.

That’s loving-kindness of the Lord. Isn’t it?

Food attracts people. And when the physical hunger was met, they listen to the word of God. No wonder Jesus did a powerful miracle in feeding the 5000 out of a piece of bread and a fish. What a class of show of power, huh, Jesus, my Lord?

So, if you find yourself cooking or serving dishes that you have mastered with gusto to your fellow servants with in mind to win their hearts for the Lord. Or, if you find yourself heading down to your leaders’ house because of the yummy foods they serve. That’s OK. It’s the Lord of Host, a hospitable host is calling you to Him through your desire to be filled.

Let us pray.

Bless us Oh ,Lord and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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