Why We Need To Guard Our Hearts (You Are Worth It, Sisters)

While I finalized the letter to a man the other night, I can’t help but think the stories of heartbreak of women caused by fear, confusion and distraction of men they spent time with.

(Dear Bro, Faced with too many options? Just choose.)

I must admit, too, that I had to stop my feeling of irritation while I wrote the letter by placing myself in his shoes. This man is seeking help and he has good intention of settling-down and raising a family. I can’t help but also welcome the idea, that maybe, just maybe he was enjoying the moment with ladies he was receiving. But, is that something to be happy about when you are opening yourself to be the most likely reason why a lady is miserable? Maybe, not. Most likely…not, specially to a man who has a good intention.

This morning, I was reminded once again of Proverbs 4:23, to guard our hearts.

Proverbs 4:23

Our heart as women listens to wisdom (logic, reasoning, understanding, guidance) when it is not overpowered by our emotions. Can I just re-write that again? WE WOMEN LISTEN TO WISDOM WHEN WE ARE NOT OVERPOWERED BY OUR EMOTIONS. If we are already, we ignore wisdom and listen only to whatever our emotions dictate us. This kind of occasion sometimes drive many to sin. “Whatever. I love him and it is all that matters”, is what normally said by adulterers. How can that be love when it is causing a family to break apart and children to suffer? Isn’t that very self-centred? Love is patient, love is kind. (What Love Means In The Bible)

When we guard our heart, we love life! Jealousy, bitterness, envy, lust, unforgiveness are results of our foolish decisions ignoring wisdom and these are not what the Lord had in mind when He created us. His plan is for us to prosper, not harmful and to be hopeful

(Jeremiah 29:11)

This weekend, please allow me once again to be your sister. We are sisters, we are in this together. Let’s be open to love to come along so let’s guard our hearts. Let’s guard how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, to what kind of person we are opening our hearts to.
Let’s remind ourselves, sisters, to that duty – Guard our hearts.

Dear Father In Heaven,

Once again we dare to call you Father. We are your daughters and that make us Princesses. Today, we wear our invisible and holy Tiara. We look to the mirror and we affirm to that person who is looking back at us is worth – choosing. We are valuable. We are loved. Please help us guard our hearts always with that truth.

We dedicate this weekend to You.


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