Thoughts On Long Night Shift Duty (Embracing A Restless Mind)



For more than a year, in my hope to shift my career from a demanding job in laboratory quality control to healthy and safety, I took a job with a shifting work pattern. The occasions for night shift work required me to keep awake throughout the whole night. I felt like I am stationed in a lighthouse, keeping watch throughout the night, literally.

Keeping watch in a lighthouse is like seeing things in a higher perspective while feeling the gush of wind and finally things are making sense. In these times, that my heart befriended my restless mind.

Here are few of those thoughts:

  1. In my church community of singles I belong, we call boyfriends/girlfriends as God’s gift or GG.

My mind asks: What if this person broke up with you? Does this person is now called a God’s Curse?

My heart says: The Lord is filled with grace and compassion, of course, He will not turn a person to be a curse because of a break-up. The ex-God’s gift became a God’s Teacher

My mind agreed.

  1. My mind asks: Boss used to be very decisive. Now, he kept on changing his plans. He is losing money with these white elephants.

My heart says: It’s because Boss lost his backbone that he became indecisive

My mind: Oh Yeah….. his wife.

My heart says: Wife (woman) strengthens a husband’s decision.

This is also true even church service led by man and a woman.

No wonder in the bible it says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives a favor from the Lord.”

  1. Loneliness is a God-given emotion. It is OK to be lonely because just like any other emotions, it is only momentary. If people can only learn to embrace it fully then there is no need to escape through addiction, alcoholism, gambling, sex or shopping.
  2. If only people can learn to embrace their restless minds, they will learn to tame it also.
  3. When you post in the social media for yourself, you would not care for the number of likes and hearts. When you post that way, whoever sends a “like” is your friend who agrees with your post.

I wanted to address more inquiries but it’s already 3am, I must update now the system.

So, I sleep here at this point.


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