A Love Letter to A Woman (No Woman Deserves To Be The Other Woman)


Dear Woman,

How have you been?

I purposely went to your direction, to the regular place where you seek rest. Others may see your task that you do alone to be unexciting but I know this is your time to be alone with your heart and escape after a tiring encounter to keep an affection in the dark, free from the eyes of other people.

I came here not only to listen to “your secret” but provide you rest. I came here to carry your jar, your burden.

I came here to tell you a truth, concealed from your eyes. You are precious to me. You are worth more than the lilies in the field. You are more valuable than the birds in the sky. You are more beautiful than the sunrise at the east and a sunset in the finest beach. I have made you after my image and every bit of you tells that you are worthy of the best love that life can offer.

I’m here to set you free. That tiredness and emptiness in your heart tell that you long to be loved…fully and sincerely. I love you so much that I can’t allow you to be carrying such a burden. You are my woman, there is no other like you.

Would you say “yes” to my love?





This morning I was led to reflect on John 4, the encounter of Jesus with the Woman at the well.



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