I Have Forgotten How It Is to Date (Bringing Your Giftedness In The Dating Arena)


I’ve just created my Tinder account after finding few decently nice selfies in my camera roll. OK, not only few but a lot! As this occasion happened that is checking on photos in my phone, then this tells that I have free time. Free time and contended. So, why not use this time to make new friends? Nah, I have tons of friends (Thank you, Lord!), in fact, I don’t have time to reach to all of them. Why not use this time to create an avenue to finding someone who is for a romantic relationship. This someone is selected for more than friends purposes and can be someone sharing your bed in the not so far away future. In short, a candidate for a spouse.

So, as I swipe to left and more to left, I realized, it’s been ages since the last time I went to a romantic dinner, maybe 2010, 8 years ago! Wholly cow.

What have I been doing?

OK I served other singles and I enjoyed fully that season of my llfe until nature kicked me out. In short, one night it just dawned on me that I’m getting impatient with singles’ concerns. Those issues that I have been encountering seem to be monotonous, a feeling which is very surprising because I used to be spending hours upon hours listening to same stories and concerns. Further, my current personal issues are less related to theirs.

At the background, I served my fellow Catholic singles for 16 years and throughout those years, I had countless heart to heart or as we call 1-1 talks with the objective to become closer to the Lord through building a prayer time and living a lifestyle pleasing to the Lord and me as a servant-leader.

Yes, I may not have set my foot in the dating arena for 8 – 9 years but I did master the rules and mystery of 1-1 talks over coffee. I will give one of the many rules – confidentiality.

As I check on men in Tinder, my mind begun to wonder how would my first meet – up with the guy I found in Tinder would go?

I maybe saying ” Let’s pray first.” at the moment he takes his seat. After he had seated, I might be ordering for him, as I am in control of the tempo of 1-1. Yeah me? Right. (Ako, talaga.) As I found a guy’s photo who looks to be very attractive in my eyes that says in his profile that he is a piano teacher, my thoughts on how would my first romantic date after shameful ages continues.

I might be asking “How’s your heart?” or “How’s life?” then we will be spending the whole time with me listening and he will do most of the sharing. Then, towards the end, I would give advices.

I am smiling while I thought of that. I thought that it would be a complete disaster for a first romantic date.

I pressed the “heart” button for that piano teacher guy, whatever, he seems to be nice. I told myself “Let’s trust what you have mastered in your season of service and that is faith.” I know the Lord will teach me on how to handle my first romantic date just as He had guided me in my hundreds of 1-1 talks throughout those 16 years.

And my tinder account has my name on it. Please swipe me to the right and let’s see where my one to one gift would take me. *Wink*

Dear Lord, my Father in Heaven, I surrender to you my heart’s desire. All things are made through you and without You nothing came to be. So if this is Your way, I know it will come to be. A-men. 😇

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