Dear Sis B “Going to Mass On A Date, How Should I Look? “(Part 1)


SFC Sisters in Their Best Sunday Attire After A Love Forum

Sister: Dear Sis B, I’m seeing this man and I invited him to hear mass with me on Sunday. How should I look?

(For this day, let’s address the physical part, the easiest one to prepare.)

Dear Sis,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

Every woman whatever stage of life she is in right now should look at her best in the church while attending the Mass, after all this is the highest form of worship and a celebration.

How does a woman look at her best in the mass? It is wearing a clean clothing as recommended by the church that is available in her closet. Since this is recommended by the Catholic Church and for other churches even required it, every woman whatever state in her life, married, young mother, young wife, single, teenager, pre-teens should try to look at her best bearing in mind the recommended clothing.
I personally find it odd that a Catholic woman could look good during a party and in the office but would find no time and no effort to look at her best when attending a mass. I am not saying to wear expensive jewelries, wear branded clothes or bags or shoes or put on finely applied make – up, but what I meant to look at her best is to finding a decent amount of time to prepare herself physically for the Mass that when she looks at the mirror, she looks decently presentable. I personally find it odd when I see a young mom going to church when her babies look so glamorous while the mom did not even afford to comb her hair. I will say it once again to find a decent amount of time to prepare herself physically to attend a mass. In this age of paperless society and most of the financial transaction is done through swiping of cards, most of the time, church goers do not have any cash to put in the basket, not because they have no extra money but they did not have cash with them in their wallet. They have no time to withdraw money so they could put something in the basket after offertory.

Sisters, let’s find time to look at our best when attending this celebration called – mass. I believe the Lord will be pleased.

To be continued.

I will link further photos and how my church going sisters prepare themselves for the mass.

Love and Beauty,
Sister B

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