Not All Women Like Red Others Prefer Hues (How Other Women Show Their Interest)

Last night while walking home coming from a prayer meeting, I out of nowhere suddenly remembered what a guy friend told me before. “If you are interested over a man, show it.” It didn’t quite gave that strong blow in my mind then, around five years ago, not until now… when the night is sweet and the air is cold.

I know that most women can exactly and confidently express their interest over a man.

But not all. By the standard of the normal world.

Others, express their interest as shaped by her nature that only her world and the man who truly is wholeheartedly after her heart can understand.

Not all women express in their interest over men by initiating a call or invitation, others go to church and pray. These others, always bear a smile from a far with their hair-well done and wearing clothes that are decently nice and yes, somehow accentuate her best body feature.

Not all women express their interest over men by saying only sweet things to men, others say their piece of mind. This is not to shame the interesting men, definitely not. (How can an interested woman does that to an interesting man when doing that will drive him away? That’s foolishness.) These others show it to be truthful and express things they believed would benefit the man.

Not all women express their interest over men by jumping on their beds and arms, others cook a dish and save their best “dish” on their first wedding night. While others, smash their best play.

Women may vary in expressing their interest. But one thing is common on a woman’s interested heart. She will use her best knowledge, her best way, her best word, her best expression in her best understanding of expressing interest over to an interesting man. And I believe that’s all OK and no further manipulation is needed. Because, after all, a truly interested woman is not after to impress eyes of ALL men, but only to a pair of eyes.

Dear Father in Heaven, You created us after Your image and likeness, may we always bear Your image. Amen.

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