“Dear Sis B, I can’t seem to move-on.”

Dear Sister,
May the peace of Christ be with you.

Know that the Lord does not waste any of our pains including our pains over our heartbreaks.

When Your Heart Betrays You From Letting Go, Surrender Your Feelings To The One Who Owns Your Heart – You.

Most of the single ladies I know who experienced heartbreaks would normally fill their schedules with activities. These activities which I called as “get-back to your feet – revenge – routines” to make someone busy and be freed with thoughts of the past are activities to let go outwardly. But remember we become great at the outside through the inside. So, let’s examine the heart.
Do not confuse lust, covetousness and power with love. Love is freeing. Ever heard the line “What sister wants, sister gets?” Even our ancestors, one of them is Sarah who manipulated things to get her maid and her husband, Abraham, bring a child, is no exception to that statement. Loving is not about power and we sisters are so prone of being hurt and caged because our “power” was not recognized.
Let me a share a bit. I got deeply hurt by a man, too, in the past. In my agony I cried out to God to take this love for this man off from my heart, in spirit and in truth. I am so worn – out of masking, trying to believe that I have gotten over him. Until, I remembered my prayer – “The man that the Lord has prepared for me will choose me.” Since this guy is not choosing me, then he is not the one that the Lord prepared for me. Taking that thought captive and remembering my love for this man, I released my feelings and surrendered to the will of the Lord without any bitterness and filled with love, a love ready to set him free to whoever the Lord wills for him.
I have always believed that the Lord speaks to the man just like how angel Gabriel spoke to Joseph to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. So, if a man is seeking God’s heart, he is seeking for his wife, too. If this man did not choose you then most probably the Lord did not instruct him to choose you! Thus, the Lord didn’t prepare this man for you. If this man is not choosing the Lord, don’t choose him for yourself. He isn’t for you, girl!

I sensed you made your feelings for this man an idolatry. Sister, our bodies as women go with our feelings. The more deeply hurt we are, the more boundaries we broke for this man. I firmly believe as to how women I’ve come to know and talked in a deeper way, the Lord wants us to be pure and chaste until marriage because of one big reason. He wants us to save from the monster called devastating heartbreak. His forgiveness will set you free. The Lord is loving and forgiving, He is ever ready to give you a new chapter of your life. Trust His plan. He is good.
Last and most important of all, sister, please forgive yourself. We are made from dust and to dust we shall return. We are no gods, we are very prone to commit mistakes. I have a habit of touching the top – most area of my head while silently saying “That’s OK, Benia. That’s OK.”, whenever I feel that I’m beating myself up.
Embrace your dust-ness, sister, and there will be peace in your heart. Please learn to forgive yourself, sister.

Today, after work come to the adoration Chapel and spent an hour with Him. Please ask the Lord to reveal to your eyes how he sees you. And allow those words to guide and strengthen your steps in moving on from the past.

I will pray for you and (to all ladies out there. You can drop me a message and just say your name.) I will include your divine freedom in my Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

Love and Beauty,
Sis B

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