Vengeance and Killings (Prayers for Loved – Ones of Crime Victims)

1As one of those whose loved-ones are victims of killings, this verse is the most difficult to bear.

One time, I commented in CNN Philippines platform at Facebook. I got bashed and Facebook was sending me notifications until late in the hours of the morning of rude and sarcasm remarks. I commented to a news post clarifying that Philippines is far from becoming a Singapore as what Senator Cayetano was saying in the news.

I was able to talk to few of those who bashed me, over PM at messenger. I remembered talking to 2 of them and told me that they were victims of crimes and these tagged “pushers” deserve to die.

I sensed immediately “revenge” is where these people are coming from. Such a selfish reason.

Can’t they think about the society as a whole?

Didn’t they know that with selfish revenge comes injustice. That through that they replicate more crimes. As stop revenge, let us forgive and surrender our cases to the justice system of men and there is always the Divine Justice.


Prayer of Forgiveness

Heavenly Father, Jesus has taught us to forgive seventy times seven time. (Mt 18:22) Yet I don’t even desire to forgive. Change me and grant me the will and power to forgive.

You have forgiven me my sins and I want also to forgive the person who has sinned against me (Mt 6:12) Your Son, Jesus prayed on the cross, ” Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

Please grant me the miracle of forgiveness now as I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.





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