The Love Of A Woman (Our Tears Are Precious)

When he had risen, Jesus first appeared to Mary, a woman. The Bible described her as someone who was healed by Jesus from 7 demons. I could just imagine that if there are 7 deadly sins, then, I’m thinking that Mary Magdalene could possibly be living a life of not one, not two but seven deadly sins before she met Jesus. She must be the heaviest sinner of her time! But what continues to give me goosebumps every time I think the reason why Jesus chose to heal her and give her the great favour that will run through the course of Christian history that she is the first person to have talked to the resurrected Christ is that I really think and most lovingly believe, after reflecting how Mary Magdalene behaves when she found out about the empty tomb, that the Lord chose Mary Magdalene because she has a big heart to love. Mary Magdalene is a woman of pure love, a love that hold-on, a love that fight – on, a love that remembers, a love that forgives and renders second chance.

During a very bad heartbreak a nun told me that the heart ONLY knows how to love. That’s why, she added, the Lord placed the mind above the heart, so this mind will set direction to whom, what, when, and where the heart will love.

At the scence when Mary Magdalene found the empty tomb, she begun to cry. I completely know how it feels to wait in deep sorrow for a loved – one’s dead body to arrive. Mary Magdalene’s crying was a crying of love – just pure love. And her crying could have shaken Jesus that he called out her name. Jesus just like most of ordinary men are shaken when a woman cries. For the longest time this is how I interpreted why Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he was shaken by Mary and Martha’s crying. (Remember how God got merciful and he opened the womb of Leah as Leah was hated. Genesis 28. I don’t forget too that Hagar was accompanied by the angel. Genesis 15.) This made me conclude that a woman who genuinely, sincerely and deeply loves and cries will shake the Lord and will listen to her.

And I really believe that a woman who loves sincerely, deeply and eternally gives honor to the Lord just like how  Mary Magdalene  loves.

Dearest Father God, thank you sending Your only Son, Jesus, to save us. Please set our hearts to be loving like Jesus and the posture just like Mary’s. Amen.

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